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Good Morning, #Cruisers! 05/03/12

Good Thursday Morning, Cruisers!

Fires west of Titusville have closed SR50, so the only way to Orlando today seems to be on 528, the Beachline. No rain is expected.

Today we have a launch to put a new satellite in orbit at 2:44 PM, so people will be coming to watch. SpaceX’s launch has been put off to do further testing. Safety is a good thing, but there will be disappointment in having to wait.

Last night, we went to Wednesday Friendsday, a networking event run by the Cocoa Beach Chamber. There was a band playing with food and drinks. When it’s at the Community Center, it is always great because there is more room. A lot of businesses show up to show off their business and network with others. I love going and working there as an ambassador because I get to meet and talk to so many other businesses and compare how to survive the bad times and succeed.

The cruise business is picking up. Summer vacation is coming and families are looking for an economical way to get away with the family. Having everything paid for in advance except for drinks and a few other things makes it easier to budget and some cruise lines even have Kids Free fares. It’s a great way to have the family together with different things to do. Kids of different age groups have various activities to keep them busy so you have time to yourself and at meal time they are there for family time.

Today’s special is on Cunard’s Queen Elizabeth in the Mediterranean. See the Mediterranean Sea in the comfortable luxury only Cunard is known for. They have a 2 for 1 sale, with on board credit and reduced deposits available on certain bookings. Call us for more information and to book a luxurious cruise.

We can put together the perfect cruise or other getaway for you at a great price! Call Mike at 321-289-2826 or Diane at 321-480-9881, or go online at


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Happy Sunday, Cruisers!

Today is National Zipper Day. Although the zipper was invented in 1851, the modern version was not patented and marketed until 1917. The original version was not reliable and nobody saw a use for it.

Today, zippers are much better that the buttons that were used before, especially after a great meal on board your favorite cruise ship! Or after snacking by the pool with a margarita. Don’t forget to visit the spa and work off enough of that deliciousness so you can have some more!

The Zipper makes it easier to take the beach umbrella out of it’s sleeve so you have more time to enjoy, After a few glasses of frozen alcoholic goodness, zippers are much easier to handle than buttons.

The Zipper is one of the most important inventions of all time!

While contemplating the many uses of the zipper, Go to our website  or call  Mike at 321-289-2826 or Diane at 321-480-9881 to book a cruise or trip to a dream vacation.

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Tornadoes in Dallas

Yesterday there was a disaster in Dallas as several tornadoes hit the area and destroyed many businesses and homes. They need our thoughts and prayers as well as help to get everything back together. 

But there were also mini disasters occurring all over the country and even other parts of the world. Some are still continuing today. All the airports in the area closed and some need work to get back on line. People were not only stranded at the Dallas airports, but any airports going to and coming from Dallas. 

It’s hard to imagine, but delays and cancellations at one airport effect airports all over the world. Think of a baseball game. A player on first cannot go to second if another player is standing there. The base needs to be empty. Same with airports. There has to be a place at the terminal for the plane to pull up to. If some planes can’t take off, then it prevents others from landing from other airports. If they are already in the air, that means they have to be diverted to another airport which could become overloaded, which stops their planes from landing,… and so on. 

In the case of Dallas, that is a major hub airport. Many airlines use it and hundreds of planes land and take off each day.  If they have 1 plane per minute landing, that means a 5 minute delay causes 5 planes to be late or diverted. Think about closing the airport for hours, or days. 

That is one very good reason to have trip protection. If you are stuck far from home at a strange airport, it is a good thing to have someone to go to who can get you a hotel room, transportation, or whatever you need to make a bad situation at least tolerable. Trip protection isn’t just in case you have to cancel. It also covers many other problems that can’t be foreseen, like getting sick or injured while away, especially in other countries, losing your luggage, purse or wallet with your money and ID in it, or passport in another country, missing your connection, or storms closing ports or airports. 

Even if you have other forms of insurance, check how and when they pay. Many require you to pay up front and you will be reimbursed if they determine it is correct. That could mean you need to pay with a credit card and pay interest you didn’t expect, or possibly you only have one card with no credit left at the end of your trip. That’s not a good end to a relaxing vacation. 

Trip Protection Plans don’t cost much, but they could save you a lot of money and headaches. 

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A little advice from someone who sold TV’s

I noticed today that many of the sales are TV’s. They seem like great bargains on Black Friday, but many of the discounts are not really great deals.

Before you buy one, check the regular prices for different brands. Often the stores will have off brands that really sell for less than you will pay today, even though they are less than the name brands. Check the ratings by both the experts and previous buyers. Each manufacturer has different quality standards for the screen. Some accept up to 5% of the unconnected pixels can be bad. That means you are missing 5% of the picture. It’s something you will notice over time, not right away usually.

TV’s actually show a series of still pictures very fast so your mind thinks the picture is moving. The refresh rate is how fast it changes pictures.   You want around 60 Hz refresh rate. Lower and the picture suffers and higher is not necessary except for high detail Blur Ray Discs. Get 120 or 240 if you want it, but you probably won’t notice any difference because the picture is broadcast at 60.

The best thing to have is a TV that can adjust itself to the type of picture so you don’t have to worry about changing it every time a new show comes on.

Always assume you will need some kind of service. You probably won’t, but if you do, it is often as much to repair as to get a new one. The bench rate (cost to have someone look at it) is usually around $100 and up. Even though this cost is often absorbed into the actual repair cost, it gives you a base repair cost.

Check the fine print on any warranties. Some are very strict, even saying it is void if you connect another device that is a different brand. See how many approved service centers are in your area. They usually will come to your house to do repairs with big screens, it could take a while, if it is at all possible, if the closest company is far away.

Most important, though, is when you do decide and make the purchase, It is not good to lay them down. LCD/LED’s probably will be OK, but Plasmas have heavy glass screens that can crack, or worse, separate from the setting, allowing the gas in the cells to leak out. It might happen in minutes, or it could take weeks or months depending on the leakage. Except for the very short time to install the base or wall hanger, NEVER go beyond the recommended angle limit. The manufacturer has that in the instruction book.

LCD/LED’s are more forgiving, but you still should check for an angle limit on them, too. The best thing is to have professionals install it, especially if you want it mounted on the wall. If you get the wrong mount, or you don’t mount it on the wall securely, no warranty or return policy is going to help. I have talked to several sorry purchasers who decided to mount it themselves and had the TV crash to the floor. All I could do was to tell them how sorry I was to hear what happened, but I couldn’t help them at all. It costs a little more, but it is worth it.

These are just a few tips I thought of while watching people buy TV’s and hearing them ask the salesman questions.  Remember, if you go to a Sams, Costco BJ’sor another discount store to buy it, they probably know a little more than you do. Those stores are not set up to “sell”. They are a little more than self service. You can get great deals at those stores, but be sure to do your research before you buy no matter where you finally decide to spend the money.

One final thing, if you want to buy on line, make sure the dealer is legitimate and sells a product that can be serviced in the US. Many sell TV’s that are meant for other countries, and there is usually no warranty on those, if they work at all. Also make sure they are using a trucking company where your TV will not be thrown on a truck with other things possibly on top. Pay extra for the better delivery service. Again, it is worth the extra cost in knowing that you will receive it in good working condition, and cheap delivery services usually just drop it off in front of the house and it is up to you to get it in and set up.

Enjoy your new TV.

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#Cruise Ships are the best #Vacation, es

#Cruise Ships are the best #Vacation, especially for people with #disabilities.

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Trip Insurance

Nobody likes to spend money they don’t have to, and trip insurance seems like one of those things. I have heard all the excuses: “I am going anyway”, “I’m healthy”, “I’ll be careful”, “It’s too expensive”, and many others.

What people don’t realize is that surprises happen, and they are not always good. What if you get sick on a cruise and have to be transported home? A helicopter ride sounds like fun, but it can be thousands of dollars to get you to the shore.
If you have to be treated in a foreign country, doctors almost always want to be paid up front and give you the information so you can file with your insurance.  Even something as simple as losing your souvenirs can ruin your trip, especially if you promised your favorite aunt you would bring her back something.

Trip insurance can cover many different things. It covers you for trip interruption due to illness or injury, and much more, depending on what kind you get.
If you use an airline to get to your destination, keep in mind that weather in one city can delay flights in all cities, especially if you are in a hub airport. (Airlines have airports that they routinely fly into and out of called “Hubs”).  Your flight taking off late can cause you to miss a connecting flight . Your luggage might not make it with you. So many things can happen along the way.

Trips and falls are easy. They can happen anywhere.  You can trip on your front steps going to the airport. You could slip in your own tub while getting ready to leave. You could forget to pack your medications. Things happen even before you leave home.

Now that I scared you, let me assure you that these things are rare, but why spend time worrying? With trip insurance, you at least don’t have to think about the cost of the trip. The terms are different with each type, but they generally cover the prorated cost of the trip, meaning that if you are on the 3rd day of a 5 day trip, you will be covered for the last 2 days you lost out on. They cover replacing medications, luggage, and other things including souvenirs, depending on the insurance.

There are many things that can go wrong. You wouldn’t drive without insurance, would you? Why take a chance with something as important as your vacation?

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Free tickets to see SHAKIRA in concert

As the leaders in innovative all-inclusive resorts, Palace Resorts has done it again! Palace Announces this Summer SHAKIRA will be live in concert at the Moon Palace Golf & Spa Resort!

Guests of all ages will have the chance to catch the international sensation Shakira at Moon Palace Golf & Spa Resort on the only Cancun stop of her current world tour. Featuring songs from her ninth and newest album, as well as all of her hits, enjoy this musical superstar in an intimate venue getting you close to the action.

Visitors of select Palace Resorts locations or Le Blanc Spa Resort will receive two complimentary tickets when booking seven nights or more and traveling between July 9 and July 21, 2011. Free shuttle service to and from other Palace Resorts properties and Le Blanc Spa Resort in Cancun and Riviera Maya will be provided to Moon Palace Golf & Spa Resort for the concert.

Stay at one of these participating hotels:
Don’t forget, book 5 nights or longer & receive a $1,500 Resort Credit to spend on wedding packages, tours, swim with the dolphins, golf, spa/beauty salon, an upgraded wine selection and/ or a room upgrade!
Already booked? Redeem your tickets here
Booking Window: Now-7/12/11   Travel Window: 7/9/11-7/21/11
Tours operated by Travel Impressions, a wholly owned subsidiary of American Express Travel Related Services Company, Inc. Up to 2 free Shakira tickets promotion is valid for booking now-7/12/11 and for travel 7/9/11-7/21/11. Shakira concert will take place on July 15, 2011. Two free Shakira tickets promotion is valid for guests staying at select Palace Resorts in Mexico (excluding Vallarta Palace, Cozumel Palace and Isla Mujeres Palace). A maximum amount of (2) tickets apply per reservation, per stay, regardless of room category with the exception of reservations in Two bedroom Golf Suites and 2 Bedroom Presidential Suites are entitled to 4 tickets. Reservations booked with single occupancy are entitled to (1) ticket. Up to 2 free Shakira tickets is only valid at Moon Spa & Golf venue Club and tickets will be assigned in Gold level for Palace Resorts guests and Platinum level for guests of Le Blanc Spa Resort. Additional tickets and upgrades could be purchased through Ticketmaster. Reservations booked in multiple Palace Resorts at participating properties adding to 7 nights or more qualify for this promotion. Applicable to existing bookings. Children three years and under not allowed at concert. Promotion available while supplies last. Promotion and tickets are non transferable and cannot be redeemed for cash if unused. Tickets cannot be sold to third parties. Reservations with overlapping dates do qualify for this promotion. Promotion is subject to change without prior notice. Promotion is not applicable with any type of reduced or discounted rate (employee rates, travel agent rates, FAMS complimentary or compensatory stays.) Once booked, visit to redeem tickets. When the reservation is validated an e-mail will be sent directly to travelers with a Ticketmaster promo code and instructions. Guests must visit to redeem the two free tickets and choose their seat assignment, or for an additional fee upgrade to a higher level or purchase extra tickets. Each option is subject to service fees by Ticketmaster. Tickets will also be available at “will call” to be picked up at the resort upon the guest’s arrival. Tickets obtained at “will call” will not be subject to a service fee, however seating assignments will be at the discretion of Ticketmaster. Up to $1500 Resort Credit promotion is valid for booking now-10/31/11 and for travel now-12/23/12 and is broken down as follows: Stay 5 to 8 nights and receive $1,500 resort credit, stay 4 nights receive $750 resort credit, stay 3 nights and receive $500 resort credit. All Resort Credits are per room, per stay. Full resort credit can be used on wedding collections (when using credits towards a Precious Wedding Collection™, complete amount must be used and wedding dates and packages are subject to availability. Resort Credit cannot be applied towards optional services or extras), tours (tours provided by Palace Vacation Planners. Not applicable to excursions provided by other operators. Non-certified divers must receive their certification from Aquaworld, which may take four days), swim with the dolphins (resort credit may only by used for the Premium Dolphin Swim Program and may not be used towards other dolphin programs or with other operators. Maximum credit towards swim with dolphins is $200 from 6/15/11-8/15/11), golf (golf if subject to space and availability. Resort Credit is valid for golf rounds at regular price and can be used towards green fees and a shared cart only. Golf rounds include early fee, green fee, twilight fee, and junior fee and exclude all other fees or concepts. Resort credit cannot be used at the Pro shop or towards clubs, rental equipment, shoe rental, or the purchase of other products. Resort credit for spa/beauty salon has a maximum credit of $300 for stays of 5-8 nights, $150 for stays of 4 nights and $100 for stays of 3 nights. Resort credit is not applicable for products at the beauty salon and spa, upgraded wine selection (premium wine list is not available from room service), romantic dinner (romantic dinner is valid for lobster and premium champagne for 2 adults, additional bottles of Champagne incur an additional cost. Resort credit may not be used to purchase romantic dinners at other resorts), room upgrades (room upgrades does not apply to Presidential Suite or the Family Categories.) Resort credit is non-transferable, non-cumulative and cannot be held over for future stays. All services purchased with the resort credit must be purchased at retail price. Not applicable or combinable with any other credits or discounts. All services and products are subject to availability and restrictions may apply. Resort credit has no cash value and cannot be exchanged for other goods or services. Resort credit is applicable for groups of 25 rooms and under and is not applicable to Famtrips, travel agent or employee rates, complimentary incentives or compensatory stays. No refunds will be issued for unused credit. Blackout, weekend, holiday peak season surcharges apply. Promotions are accurate at time of publication and are subject to changes, exceptions, cancellation charges and restrictions. Not responsible for errors or omissions in the publication of this information. Valid for new bookings only.

We are AffordableLuxuryCruise.

Diane Walsh and Mike Zimmardi are AffordableLuxuryCruise. We are home based travel agents associaled with the  Signature Travel Network and specialize in Special Needs travel.

There are many people who enjoyed doing things they feel they are no longer able to do. People are coming back from military conflicts with physical disabilities and need to know they are still able to enjoy life. Auto injuries and work related injuries are leaving people unable to continue doing what makes them happy. That is a need we are trying to fill.

As travel consultants, we can advise people how they can take a cruise or spend time at a resort so they can get away, relax and enjoy life for a time. Having our own physical limitations allows us to somewhat understand how others feel and we can help.

Call us and let us arrange a cruise or stay at an all inclusive resort.

Call Mike at 321-626-3017 or Diane at 321-480-9881.

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Choices, Choices

Vacation time is coming. How do you decide where you are going to spend those precious days away from reality? Some people get the family together and discuss the choices. Some decide and then tell the children where they are going. Some others just go to the same place every year, and still others make a last minute decision and usually end up doing the same thing as last year.

Only the first method will make everybody happy. The first thing is to know what each person likes to do. That sounds like something you should know about your children, but they do change. Don’t book Disney assuming they like Winnie the Pooh when they now like Spiderman. They might like fishing this year and golf next year.


It’s a great way to become closer to each other. By getting to know each other, you form bonds that bring you closer together. Don’t just ask what they like, ask why, and what it is they like about it. You can’t completely satisfy everybody each time, but you can come close.  Tell everybody to bring their ideas to the table. Go through them and pick out 3. Then tell everyone to decide on one.

Set a budget and a time period. Explain to the children how you need to stay within them. I am talking about children who are old enough to understand, but even younger children can add their ideas of where to go and what to see.

Then call a travel agent who can help you decide where would be the best place to go to experience the ideas you decided on. As a Travel Consultant, I  can help you make the final arrangements and see what special offers there are. I have information on deals and special offers that might work out better while keeping everything else the same. I also can suggest other things to go along with your plans.  Then we can get it set up and have all the tickets and reservations ready for you.


We are AffordableLuxuryCruise.


Diane Walsh and Mike Zimmardi are AffordableLuxuryCruise. We are home based travel agents associaled with the  Signature Travel Network and specialize in Special Needs travel.

There are many people who enjoyed doing things they feel they are no longer able to do. People are coming back from military conflicts with physical disabilities and need to know they are still able to enjoy life. Auto injuries and work related injuries are leaving people unable to continue doing what makes them happy. That is a need we are trying to fill.

As travel consultants, we can advise people how they can take a cruise or spend time at a resort so they can get away, relax and enjoy life for a time. Having our own physical limitations allows us to somewhat understand how others feel and we can help.

Call us and let us arrange a cruise or stay at an all inclusive resort.

Call Mike at 321-626-3017 or Diane at 321-480-9881.


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Great cruise at a great price for a great cause!

This is a great chance to help out a worthy cause while having a great time. AffordableLuxuryCruise has teamed up with Palm Breeze Travel to bring you this wonderful opportunity.

Call Mike at 321-626-3017 or Diane at 321-480-9881 for more information and Passenger forms.


In association with Palm Breeze Travel and Tours


The Inaugural  BREAST  PHRIENDS  Cruise




Phine Pheathered Phriends Charitable Foundation would like to invite survivors, patients, family and friends affected by breast cancer and related illnesses on a cruise to help defeat this terrible illness. We understand what is like to have to endure the effects of this dreaded disease. Our Founder is a cancer survivor and he and his family has been where you are. We also know it takes not only great physical stamina to overcome this situation it also takes great mental courage as well. We want to wish EVERYONE who has been affected by cancer of any kind all the best and God Speed in your battle. We are attempting to provide some much needed temporary mental “relief” by offering a chance to get away from the struggle for a little while and join others who share your battle on our Inaugural BREAST PHRIENDS cruise! Our organization was formed with the goal of helping raise money for charities whose mission is to support people like you. So sit back and let us help YOU take some time to relax, recharge and “Party With A Purpose” as we journey to the Bahamas, do some fundraising, make some new friends, open our hearts and have a little fun!



Departing on Sunday October 16th 2011 on a 4 NIGHT Bahamas cruise sailing on Carnival Cruise Line’s SENSATION!



We sail from Port Canaveral, FL and will go to Freeport and Nassau in the Bahamas then return back to Port Canaveral.



Phine Pheathered Phriends was formed in the spirit of the philanthropic attitude demonstrated by the generous fans of entertainer Jimmy Buffett know as Parrot Heads, (hence the “PHs” in our organization’s name) who always  PARTY WITH A PURPOSE so our event will not only be FUN (or should I say PHUN!)…it will be a fundraiser as well. Our organization’s mantra or motto if you will is “Phriends Helping Friends” because we assist other non-profit and civic groups with event planning and fundraising. Phine Phriends will donate 100% of the proceeds to our designated charities. The MAIN beneficiary for this cruise will be our newest charity BREAST FRIENDS OF FLORIDA, but we realize we will have dozens if not hundreds of guests from all over the country attending, so to help those people, we will set aside some funds to be distributed to other breast cancer related charities of their choice.



We plan to have many activities for meeting and sharing your experiences with fellow survivors, some educational opportunities to assist you in your battle and some SPECIAL entertainers sailing along with us for a PRIVATE PARTY designed just for you!

We plan to have a great kick off BON VOYAGE party the night before we sail In FACT, we plan on having a whole WEEK of activities and we are calling it PINK WEEK in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness month The onboard activities will include a registration party with fundraisers, a pub crawl, a pool party on our day at sea, a concert by our entertainers and a, “Pink Out” happy hour in conjunction with our formal night. The fundraising events will include a Chinese auction, LIVE auction, SILENT auction, 50/50 raffle, a CRUISE raffle and a raffle to sit at the Captain’s Table for dinner! All that combined with any other ideas you may have to help our charitable organizations…we don’t know it all, so we are ALWAYS looking for help and ways to improve the experience for YOU…so feel free to suggest any activity! Also any item donations for our auctions will be most welcome! Whether it is home-made, store bought, a gift certificate and any other special item…EVERYTHING is accepted with sincere gratitude.



Since this event is being put on by the PHINE PHEATHERED PHRIENDS Charitable Foundation, which has a goal of promoting public awareness for health issues as well as for music and fine arts….the event is actually a seminar at sea, and the cost of the cruise may be a TAX DEDUCTION! I’m not a tax man so check with your advisor…but other cruises we put on like this qualified!


Inaugural PINK WEEK Itinerary

For the past 2 years our local chapter of the American Cancer Society has hosted a 5k Pink Ribbon Walk during the third week of October. In 2009 our “Save Second Base” team had over 30 walkers and raised lots of money. Last year we had over 100 walkers and raised TONS of money…because of that inspiration Phine Pheathered Phriends is sponsoring the Inaugural PINK WEEK event.


Our itinerary looks like this:

Saturday  October 15th       Fly/Drive In and our Bon Voyage Party time and location TBD

Sunday    October 16th        BREAST PHRIENDS Cruise

Thursday October 20th        return from cruise                evening PINK TIE Gala and Fundraiser   time and location TBD

Friday      October 21st         cruise ship luncheon aboard Royal Caribbean’s Monarch of the Seas (limited to first 50 people)

Saturday  October 22nd       Pink Ribbon 5k Walk at Port Canaveral, evening farewell party location and time TBD

Sunday    October 23rd        Fly/Drive Out, anyone remaining can watch cruise ship sailings from Port Canaveral with locals!


BOTTOM LINE PRICES:  (all based on double occupancy)

I don’t know about YOU, but I hate being nickeled and dimed to death with surprise fees, so we have laid out the pricing for the cruise in bottom line terms. Now some things will be extra like travel insurance (quoted separately and recommended) and your gratuities, but here it is:


These prices include ALL cruise fares, taxes, and port fees!! ….and FUN!














Ocean View



Ocean View



Ocean View


























Each cabin will receive a $75.00 cabin credit (puts a dent in the bar tab!), a Welcome Aboard gift of Champagne and Chocolates, a free One Hour OPEN BAR cocktail party, a bottle of RED wine, a bottle of WHITE wine and a coupon for a free photo.



A deposit of $50 per person is required by JUNE 9th and a second deposit of $100 per person is due by JUNE 18th

Final payment is due by AUGUST 12th

All deposits are FULLY REFUNDABLE up to AUGUST 12th, after that some penalties will incur up to the point of sailing.



Fill out the PASSENEGR INFORMATION SHEET and email, fax or call the information back to us ASAP!!

Call Palm Breeze Travel and Tours and ask for Joe LaBella at 321-452-1338 or 321-403-7113

Or email them to   or

Or fax the information to PBT at 321-453-8680


You will need FULL (real) names, birthdays and credit card information for EACH person in the stateroom for your deposit!

You will need to identify the category of cabin you want. THIS IS BASED ON AVAILABILITY so HURRY!!!


Also…if you want a QUAD or TRIPLE cabin…PLEASE act fast…those rooms have limited availability!




–          EVERY US citizen traveling will need a valid government ID AND a birth certificate, but a PASSPORT is preferred!

–          – Non- US citizens WILL need a passport!

–          If you want TRAVEL INSURANCE…and I HIGHLY recommend it…we can quote that separately!

–          If you need assistance with hotel accommodations for the cruise or for ANY part of PINK WEEK…call Joe @ PBT!


Thank you and we look forward to having you onboard this LOVELY CRUISE and outstanding fundraising opportunity!!


All the best to you!

“Rock-n-Roll” Joe LaBella

Founder and Executive Director

Phine Pheathered Phriends Charitable Foundation is a non-profit organization

recognized as tax-exempt under Internal Revenue Code Section 501 ( c ) ( 3 ).

Our mission is promoting awareness for health, environmental and social issues.

Phine Pheathered Phriends federal tax ID is 27-5087147

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What did I forget?

What did I forget?

Isn’t that what you find yourself asking AFTER you are sitting on the plane waiting for takeoff?

You sit there and go over a list of things in your mind. Usually it is nothing or not anything important. When it is , it’s usually something you can get when you arrive. But what if it’s not?

The best thing to do is make lists. Start about a month and just write things down that you check when you leave the house daily. Appliances off? Pets taken care of? Do you have your phone? Wallet? Keys? Then add other things you do when you leave for the whole day, or overnight. After about a week, put the list together in some order, and put an area to check it off. If you do it on a computer, it will be neater. Next step is to take the ENTIRE list and make copies for each person in your family. Mark off areas of responsibility for each person, and make them overlap so each person checks the others. If there are only 2, then each has the whole list.

Each person should make a list of things they need to bring, then hand it to someone else to check. Again, organize the list with a place to check off. As you pack everything, check it off. Pack the night before and make a second carry on with things you will need when you get to your destination. A complete change of clothes, swimsuit, medicine and grooming supplies should be in your carry on bag or in your pockets, along with your ID (passport), credit cards, money and other important, irreplaceable items.

Each person has different needs, and what you need is determined by where you go and what you are going to do there. On a cruise, you might want to bring a tuxedo (not required anymore on most cruises, but some people like to dress up anyway) while that would be inappropriate on a white water rafting trip. Pack lightly. Most airlines charge for luggage now, and the less you have to lug around with you the better, usually.

Especially don’t forget to pack a good sense of humor and a lot of curiosity. They always come in handy wherever you go!

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